Worcestershire Orchards

Orchards are a characteristic and well loved feature of Worcestershire’s landscape. Our county became the heart of England's apple, pear, plum and cherry growing and cider and perry production during the latter part of the 19th century, along with our neighbours Gloucestershire and Herefordshire.

Orchards are special. They can be rich in wildlife, have bountiful stories to tell about their creation and management and are frequently an inspiration for community events and projects.

Orchards should also be celebrated for their genetic diversity. There are hundreds of varieties of each type of fruit, many carefully selected and bred over decades by dedicated nurserymen and others the results of interested amateurs experimenting in their own gardens.

This website is the beginning of an attempt to document those fruit varieties which originated in or were first produced and marketed in Worcestershire. This is an ongoing project and the website will be updated as regularly as possible with new information. For now, please enjoy and promote the propagation, grafting and planting of the Worcestershire apple varieties documented so far.

To contact us with any questions or comments or to support this project with information, stories or photographs please email contact@worcestershireorchards.co.uk.


Orchard Conference at the Three Counties Showground on 14th November 2014. See News and events page for booking details.